Perogies For Kids Campaign

For each Perogie Sold, Twist by Roger Mooking will donate a portion of proceeds to kids affected by conflict and crisis.
I’m working with Save The Children Canada to help with the humanitarian crisis affecting children around the world. From Ukraine to Myanmar, Syria to Yemen, children are caught in the crosshairs of violence. To help provide support, I’m donating a portion of the proceeds of sales of the Perogies dish at "Twist by Roger Mooking” to Save The Children to reach children and families most at risk.

This dish, which was created when we first launched the menu 7 years ago, is close to my heart as it represents a cherished food memory from when I was growing up. One day I walked into my kitchen, and my mother and a neighbourhood Ukrainian grandmother were sharing and teaching each other food traditions and culture, including making Perogies together. To this day, that food memory of two women who didn't even speak the same language, reminds me of the importance of community, love and sharing cultural customs.

To help with donations, you can order the Perogies at "Twist by Roger Mooking", or to donate directly to the fund, please click HERE



• One in six children in the world is growing up in conflict. 450 million children. As conflicts rage around the world—from Ukraine to Myanmar, Syria to Yemen, children are caught in the crosshairs of violence. Millions have fled their homes and are on the run or living in refugee camps. Millions are in grave danger in their home countries.

• Save the Children is responding to help children in Ukraine and in surrounding countries with life-saving essentials like food, shelter, clean water, warm clothes and hygiene kits.

• We know that in any conflict when children are fleeing violence, they are at great risk for becoming separated from their families and being exploited or trafficked. In response to the Ukraine crisis, Save the Children is working on tracing and reunification so that children can be reunited with family members.

• In addition to the crisis in Ukraine, in Syria, 6.5 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance amid ongoing violence and displacement. In Yemen, an estimated 20.7 million people – or two-thirds of the population – require some form of humanitarian assistance. And, in Myanmar, more than a quarter of the country’s population is in need of humanitarian assistance – and 5 million children are in need of urgent assistance.