Say It. Make It. Eat It.


If you didn’t already know, Trinidad’s cuisine is pure, mouth-watering magic.

And for Toronto-based celebrity chef Roger Mooking, it only takes one pot to make the ultimate Trini dish: pelau, a flavour miracle of chicken, rice, caramelized sugar, pigeon peas and pumpkin.

In this episode of Huffington Post Canada’s “Say It. Make It. Eat It.” series, the Food Network star guides the uninitiated in pronouncing and preparing his favourite food. For the record: pelau is pronounced with a quick and short “peh,” followed by an emphasized “lau,” rhyming with “ow.”

If you want to find out what it takes to make this meaty one-pot wonder, kick back with some rum punch and watch Mooking work his magic over a hot stove: